Sunday, January 27, 2008

Corus Chess 2008, Round 12, Carlsen won! on Kramnik (?)

Corus Chess 2008, Round 12

The game of the day was Carlsen's win!!!!!, with black!!!!!!!!, over Kramnik (?)

Carlsen slowly saved 2 pawns for the endgame, and one of them was a passed pawn, which could not be stopped by Kramnik pawns, this pawn gave a lot of trouble to Kramnik and in the end Kramnik resigned.

Kramnik's luck isn't good in this tournament, he already had 2 losses now, previously he lost to Topalov! In general Kramnik is much better player, I guess it was long time since he lost 2 times in one tournament, not to forget he is FIDE number 1 now, along with Anand, both of these will be playing a match of the year at the end of 2008.

Anyway, here is the game!

Polgar showed end game power

Though she had exactly same material, the opponent Adams had to move his king, as all other pawns are blocked, and hence he will loose his pawn, creating a passed pawn for Polgar, Adams resigned! His 1st loss in this tournament.

Here is the game!

Anand, with black, had to content with a only draw, against van Wely.

Knight sacrifice on move 14th costed Topalov the game, Eljanov won!

Topalov is known to be comming to form at the end of the tournament, I guess he tried to do here too! He lost, but it was brave!

Here is the game!

Negi! won again!!

What a great win by GM Negi, the young Indian prodigy, just see how he gives away all the material, to win opponent's Queen! It was a very long trap!

Here is the game!

Koneru, with Black, lost to Spoelman!! the one who had most losses in Group B

Harikrishna, with white, could only split a point, with his opponent Krasenkow!

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