Saturday, March 15, 2008

Anand !!! won on Kramnik (??)..... Round 1, Amber Chess ( Updated with a Big analysis report! )

17th Amber Blindfold and Rapid Chess Tournament,     has started!!!

Each round has 2 games, one Blindfold game (normal game), and, a Rapid game (a fast game)

Round 1

Hillariously, (may be obvious), I couldn't understand the genious Anand's game, who won on Kramnik, by sacrificing a pawn, then another, then a Bishop, then the Kramnik realised (?? otherwise he would have played different) he lost the game.

Now even, feels the game isn't over, and looks as if the game has equal chances, but Anand won!

To the world & Kramnik, this game resminds, yet another time on why Anand is said to be Genious! What a game!

Here is the game!!!

If you have not understood how Anand would win the above game, here is the answer:
Kramnik can't stop Anand putting a check with Rook, if Kramnik takes the Rook with Bishop, Anand would take it back with Another Rook. The game is over, sooner or a little later, this is in-evitable! That's where Anand's guniousness exists!

Aronian won his rapid game against Van Wely, while Wely was picking up pawns (????)

Looked like, Leko annoyed by Topalov's doubled rooks, and an active Bishop, sacrificed a pawn for counter play, but the Topalov's evolved extra pawn from Lekos sacrificed one, became a  passed pawn that can potentionally be promoted to a Queen, with cramped position, and King stuck, Leko gave up, Topalov won!!! Considered to be Solid player, for Leko, this year isn't good to remember as he dint do well last tournament too this year!

Here is the game!!

24th move of Carlsen gave Ivanchuk an open file (A file) where Ivanchuk's Rook ruled him for sometime, then Carlsen lost a pawn, later Carlsen compromised his Kings safety, the Ivanchuk's  extra was about to promote to a Queen, so Carlsen sacrified his Bishop, but in Vain, Ivanchuk won! Solid performance by Ivanchuk!

Here is the game!!!

Move 42, looked more strategic move, by Karjakin. This looks, involves a Rook sacrifice, making opponent Queen out of main play ground, continuously checking the opponent's queen, and gaining back marterial Bishop by force, also may be Rook later by pinning it to the King, some 10+ move caliculation, thats really great move. All this stated because, Gefand compromised King's safety at move 14 in chasing away Karjakin's Bishop. By constant pressure from Karjakin, Galfand's game fell apart. Karjakin won!!!

Here is the game!!!

Blindfold game (say, BG) - a normal game
Rapid game (say, RG) - a fast game, moves are to be played faster than in normal game
Anand-Kramnik 1/2-1/2 BG
Kramnik-Anand 0-1 RG

Mamedyarov-Morozevich 1/2-1/2 BG
Morozevich-Mamedyarov 1/2-1/2 RG

Topalov-Leko 1-0 BG
Leko-Topalov 1/2-1/2 RG

Gelfand-Karjakin 0-1 BG
Karjakin-Gelfand 1/2-1/2 RG

Carlsen-Ivanchuk 0-1 BG
Ivanchuk-Carlsen 1/2-1/2 RG

Aronian-Van Wely 1/2-1/2 BG
Van Wely-Aronian 0-1 RG

So, Overall winners of Round 1 are:

Anand won on Kramnik,
Topalov on Leko,
Karjakin on Gelfand,
Ivanchuk on Carlsen, and
Aronian on Van Wely

Ataturk Women Masters Chess, Round 5, 3 wins!, Chen Zhu din't loose!!!

Ataturk Women Masters Chess

Round 5

At last, Chen Zhu holds on with a draw!!!

Title Name Rating Result-Result Title Name Rating
IM Javakhishvili Lela 2470 0.5-0.5 GM Chen Zhu 2548
IM Ushenina Anna 2484 0-1 IM Atalik Ekaterina 2408
WIM Yildiz Betul Cemre 2207 1-0 IM Krush Irina 2473
GM Cramling Pia 2524 1-0 IM Dronavalli Harika 2455
WGM Yifan Hou 2527 0.5-0.5 WGM Xue Zhao 2517

Though age doesn't matter in chess, but just the intellect,
1991 born Dronavalli Harika is crushed by the experience of 1963 born Cramling Pia!

For game reply, click on "View PGN" link, after clicking on the below link:,com_turnuva/task,show/dosya,11/Itemid,11/lang,en/

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