Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Corus chess 2008, Round 9, Topalov won(!!!) on Kramnik(?)


Corus chess 2008, Round 9

Topalov won!!! on Kramnik

Fearless Topalov sacrified his Knight, against the most solid draw player, Kramnik.
Looked like Kramnik has chances to win for his Knight up, if he can hold his position.
On the other side of coin, Topalov denied Kramnik's castling when he sacrified his Knight & got a better position for attacking Kramnik's king side.

Topalov's attacking was fatal. Kramnik's greediness to take Knight costed him the game.

After being defeated by Anand in the last round, great comback again by Topalov! to win on Kramnik.

With this new win, suddenly Topalov is also in the race! to the Top spot.

Here is the game!

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