Sunday, February 17, 2008

25th Linares-Morelia 2008 chess - Round 2 results

The 25th Linares-Morelia 2008 chess tournament

Round 2 results!

Anand - Aronian, 0 - 1

Anand looked to igonore 18th response from Aronian!!, which triggered King side attack against Anand.

Anand's 30th move was really innocent looking move and is, after Aronian played Rook in between Queen & Knight, Anand's mistake was clear.

Anand's Bishop at d8 was out of play (which was trapped for eating a poisoned pawn at move 26)
Also, the Rook at a1 was spectator ('A' file was cleared, just to give a check, shud that be executed?)
Aronian won!!!

Ivanchuk - Leko 1-0
It was wow!!! game by Leko, who trapped the Queen of Ivanchuk! at move 20!
but, Ivanchuk came out as a ultimate hero, as Leko dint have a good plan to go ahead
Ivanchuk won!

Other games were drawn.

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