Tuesday, January 15, 2008

CCT - Round 4 - Polgar, Van Wely, Kramik, Harikrishna (now leader in B group!) & Negi win! Anand & Koneru draw!

Round 4 - Corus Chess Tournament

Excellent game by Adams! with Black peices, held Anand to a draw

Harikrishna now became a leader in Group B, after also winning on Spoelman (who had all losses to date!)
Here is the game!

Koneru Humpy could hold on! with Black, drawn the game with Short!

Negi won! on Li
He capitalised 2 mistakes of the Opponent Li, in the end game, and won all the pawns
Li's 1st mistake looked like was placing the Knight before his Rook, that closed its own rook's file, and that also it pinned itself!, by Negi's next move!
Later Li, due to pin pressure, gave away Rook and accepted Negi's sacrifice of Knight and Pawn for
Thats all the end the story of Li. Negi won!
Here is the game!
Negi winning on the ferocious fighter Li!

Polgar's great win! on Gelfand.
Gelfand, to win a Polgar's peice!, compromised his King's safety, which costed him the game!
Here is the game!

Van Wely & Kramik won too!

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CCT - Round 3 - Great fight by Radjabov! Koneru loses again

Round 3 - Corus Chess Tournament 

What a fight for saving the game, draw in 93! moves, by Radjabov! on Van Wely

I felt Van Wely could have taken the Radjabov's king just one more step away before sacrificing his Rook for the opponent's Bishop & Pawn, to promote his pawn to Queen!. Looked like he lost patience, at the end, just when he is a step away from Victory!

Here is the game!

Anand drew. Hard fought draw by Harikrishna, with Black. Humpy loses again.

In Group A, Anand is at the bottom? Difficult to believe. Lets wish he will come back!

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