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Corus Chess 2008 - Round 5 - Radjabov, Mamedyarov, Topalov, Negi, Bacrot win and Anand, Harikrishna, Koneru Humpy draw

Corus Chess 2008 - Round 5

Radjabov gave a shocking defeat to Eljanov, almost, came to a position with mate in 1!!!!, against Eljanov, in the end game. To hold on for some more moves, Eljanov has to give his Queen for Radjabov’s Knight. That was indeed great play by Radjabov!

(There are too good games of Radjabov in this tournament, including defeating of Anand, in the very 1st round, and a long draw with Van Wely that made the retired Kasparov to talk about chess gain!)

Here is the game:

Even a bigger shocking defeat to Smeets, in the game with Bacrot. Here is he got a “complete checkmate!”, i.e; King is checked and there is no move!, I think, this is very rare in the highlevel chess, here it looked like Smeets is planning a good for the next move, but for him there is no next move!

Bacrot won!, and now leading the B group! ½ point ahead of Harikrishna

Here is the game:

Mamedyarov pawn went all the way to Van Wely's home to become a Queen, so Van gave up a Rook to stop it!
Then Van tried to make his own additional Queen, and overlooked a check which will also lose the would-be-Queen pawn! With a Rook less and mate near, Van gave up to Mamedyarov

Here is the game:

The Mr. Dynamic, Topalov got a full point due to Gelfand slight casual play!

Gelfand took a pawn, and got into trouble, and gave away Queen & game too.

(This is really cool! to watch, a pawn challenges to eat the Queen, and it has no safe square to move, Gelfand played very good tournament in World chess championship, where Anand won!, but in this tournament, he is without luck with many losses)

Here is the game:

Aronian-Anand and Adams-Kramnik shared a single point!

Harikrishna managed a draw with Black on Movsesian!

Less in material (2 Bishops against opponent’s Rook & Knight), but has 2 healthy passed pawns on A and B file, but Koneru Humpy could not convert it to a win with White, on Sargissian, and spilt a single point

Negi played cool today with Ushenina, got to a position where moving the pawn will threaten the Rook. By moving Rook away and with a good play, the opponent will be left with only a Knight against the Two Bishops and a Rook for the Negi, as though this isn’t enough, on B file Negi also has a passed pawn (which can not be stopped by opponent's pawns!). The Game was clearly over! Negi won!

Here is the game:

After Round 5
Group A - Radjabov joined Aronian & Carlsen as 1st (Anand last 2nd)
Group B - Bacrot 1st - Harikrishna 2nd (Koneru last 2nd)

Group C - Braun 1st - Caruana 2nd (Negi 4th)

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