Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gibtelecom Masters 2008, Round 8, Narayanan Srinath won!

In round 8:

Narayanan Srinath won!

A nice game from him, he promoted his only pawn to Queen, and opponent resigned!

Harika Dronavalli, with black, was content with draw

Ramaswamy Aarthie's game looked fine until, she became busy grabbing a opponent's pawn, and found that she had no next move (?), she resigned the game.

Her opponent, Butnorius Algimantas, is higher rated than her, by 110+ ELO points.

Here is the game!

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Gibtelecom Masters 2008, Round 7

After the exciting Corus 2008 tournament, I am watching

Gibtelecom Masters 2008

Under the "Masters" category

After 7 rounds,  here are the leaders:

1 GM Bu, Xiangzhi 6.5 CHN
2 GM Bologan, Viktor 6.0 MDA
3 GM Efimenko, Zahar 6.0 UKR

Indians are with the below points

Sandipan, Chanda 5.0
Gopal, G.N. 5.0
Harika, Dronavalli 4.0
Ramaswamy, Aarthie 4.0
Narayanan, Srinath 3.5
Nadig, Kruttika 3.5

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