Sunday, January 13, 2008

CCT - Round 1 - Sensational win by Radjabov, on Anand!

1st Round of the Corus Chess Tournament 
Anand lost to Radjabov 

Here Anand played with Black 
Anand in the 1st half wanted to surprise (as mentioned in the Chess Championship in 2007 where he did surprise many and won!) the opponent with the bold attack with just 2 pawns and Queen!, Radjabov was cool enough at that movement, exchanged Queens and gained those 2 pawns too! & equalized Anand's attack (Anand could not surprise, so looked like a considerable mistake, the attack should have been when there was enough developement of other peices too). In the end game the Radjabov was up due to Anand had a Bishop against Radjabov’s Rook, as Radjabov did an excellent exchange of his Bishop!! to a Anand's Rook. Then, Radjabov slowly entered Anand’s king territory and Anand left his own! (Looked like there was a problem here too!, or is he forced to leave?, atleast Anand shud have tried for a draw here with his vast experience). End was enviable when Radjabov triple attacked with his King! & both Rooks on the weak pawn, & Anand gave up!. Radjabov is said to be highly motivated. A well known website said Radjabov may do only chess in the home too!? (For a young boy, that is what is required in the youth, indeed!) 
Let’s wish Anand to come back, in grand style, & win the tournament.  

Here is the game!

In the other games, Koneru Humpy also lost with black pieces. Hari made a draw.

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