Wednesday, March 19, 2008

17th Amber Blindfold and Rapid Chess Tournament, Rest day!

17th Amber Blindfold and Rapid Chess Tournament

March 19, Wednesday, is a free day!

17th Amber Blindfold and Rapid Chess Tournament, Round 4, Vishy Anand lost (??) in Rapid round (??)

17th Amber Blindfold and Rapid Chess Tournament
Each round has 2 games
Blindfold game (say, BG) - a normal game
Rapid game (say, RG) - a fast game, moves are to be played faster than in normal game

Round 4

Gelfand-Van Wely 0-1 
Van Wely-Gelfand 1/2-1/2 

Karjakin-Ivanchuk 1/2-1/2 
Ivanchuk-Karjakin 1-0 

Aronian-Carlsen 1/2-1/2 
Carlsen-Aronian 0-1 

Kramnik-Morozevich 1-0 
Morozevich-Kramnik 1/2-1/2 

Anand-Leko 1/2-1/2 
Leko-Anand 1-0 

Mamedyarov-Topalov 0-1 
Topalov-Mamedyarov 1/2-1/2
Uhhh...!!! the cunning chess player... Van Wely!!! 
His cunningness, this time, has seen Gelfand loss. 
Of course,
Gelfand gave up his King's safety, and had to play the price, when Van Wely sacrificed his Rook for a lesser Piece, and had a strong attack,
Gelfand gave up the game too! Slowly but surely Van Wely is gaining back for what is known!!

Here is the game!!

Ivanchuk, on his Birthday, beat the younger Krajakin!
Not sure, if Krajakin did keep his cool, after Ivanchuk gave away a well-calculated Queen sacrifice!!
This is real cool figthing spirit by Ivanchuk (he is known for his desire for a win)
Krajakin did give up his Queen, and after dust settled, by move 27, he has got Rook for Ivanchuk's Knight, but, but, but, Ivanchuk got 3 extra pawns, which is really good!
Then it came to 5 pawns for Ivanchuk, verus, no pawns for Krajakin. Krajakin could forsee the fate, gave up, Ivanchuk won with ease, and in Style, with Queen sacrifice, on his Birthday!!!

Here is the game!!

Aronian hit the right weak spot in Carlsen's territory!!, on 26th move, with Rook to a3!!
With this move, Aronian's Rook held busy Carlsen's both Bishop & Rook, for a long time!
Tough looked equal in material, Carlsen dint have counter play, he tried Rook to a3, only to see, there would be a check on the next move, and his Rook will be out of chess board!
He resigned, Aronian won!!

Here is the game!!

By move 34, obviously Kramnik is ahead by 1 pawn, and also, he had two passed pawns (pawns that cannot be stopped by opponent's pawn!)
So, the win looked obvious for Kramnik, and in the end Moro attacked like-any-thing to Queen his pawn by sacrificing both Bishop & Knight, but it was the end-game-master Kramnik at the other end. Obvious, with Material up Kramnik won!!!

Here is the game!!

This Round isn't good for Dr. Dr. Dr. Viswanathan Anand! (yes, Anand is said to have recieved his 3rd!!! Honorary Doctorate, last month!)
In the earlier post (below link), we mentioned Leko is a "solid player", this is again proved!
So, Anand lost to, long time considered the most solid player, Leko!!!
This time, Leko beat Vishy Anand!!!! (though we shud say, it was Anand's who gave it up, for free).
Just after Loko played, Anand gave up the game, as he is going to loose a piece, which he missed to see!
Actualy, this is a classic lesson on what will happen when we deny our own King's castling (safety)
Anand himself denied King castling by moving his King on move 15, let's not talk if he is right or wrong! as he is Anand!
It only that, he looked like, wanted to move his King to safety, just a step away, but there were no more moves! Leko won!!
Anand's 1st loss, that too in a Rapid game, in which he is considered to be a King!!, also he would have just overlooked for a split second, as he would always draw if something looks suspicious to him!
Anyway, with this simple loss, Anand lost his 1st place in both Rapid/Blind and combined.

Here is the game!!

Topalov invaded Mamedyarov's kingside, in a usual very attacking way,  
After Topalov took a pawn with Knight, Mamedyarov dint take it
(otherwise Topalov will take the Bishop too!, and Mamedyarov will be spectator as he can't take it with pawn!) 
Real cool trick, Mamedyarov missed to see, saw the game ending!

Here is the game!!


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