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Corus Chess 2008 - Round 7 - Anand, Koneru Humpy, Negi & Aronian won!; Harikrishna draw!

Corus Chess 2008 Tournament - Round 7

Anand!! won! on Judit Polgar 
After 30 moves, Polgar had an ambitious attacking game against Anand, she gave up her Queen for 2 Rooks of Anand. 
And, after 20 more moves, the board was all clear! Polgar can't stop Anand's pawns queening, and her Rook & Knight became spectators 
However, great attacking loss to Polgar, and definitely great win to The Mr. Kool! Anand!

This is the 1st win for Anand!!! (after 1 loss then 5 draws). 
Yes, it is right time to start correct things, as half tounament is already over (Round 7 of total 13), and Anand is 1&1/2 points behind the leader. 

Here is the great attacking game!

Aronian! won on Radjabov, this was excellent game! 
In the end game, Radjabov gave up the Knight to Queen a pawn which can "never" become a Queen. Why? Due to threat on King!, the mate in one after exchanging of Rooks. 
Could be time trouble, for this kind of overlooking by Radjabov, as he had a great tournament till now! 

Here is the great game!

Kramnik & Ivanchuk, Topalov & Carlsen, Gelfand & Leko, Eljanov & Van Wely, Adams & Mamedyarov all draw. 

Koneru Humpy won! on Krasenkow. 
Got a better endgame in her favour with 2 Bishops versus opponent's 2 Knights, besides 6 pawns eachside. 
Ofcourse, opponent had a passed pawn on d file. 
But, it was excellent play by Koneru, got a win! 

Here is the game!

Negi, with white, crushed Krush. After Negi took his Queen all the way into Krush's king & Krush resigned. 
Negi is now just 1 point behind the leader! 

Here is the game!

Harikrishna gave up a Rook for the opponent's Knight, to get a Kind side attack! 
The endgame got 2 pawns more for Hari, besides his lesser Bishop to opponent's Rook 
Then, it came to 2 pawns for Hari, besides his lesser Bishop to opponent's Rook 
It was quite interesting. 
Then, it came to totally, Rook & Bishop of Harikrishna Vs Rook of opponent 
Harikrishna could only draw with Black!, and is 1 behind the leaders

Group A
Carlsen 5
Kramnik & Aronian 4½
Anand 3½

Group B
Movsesian & Bacrot 5
Harikrishna, Stellwagen, Smeets & Short 4
Koneru Humpy 3

Group C
Caruana & Braun 5
Nijboer, Reinderman, Grivas 4 1/2
Negi 4

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Corus Chess 2008 - Round 6 - Calrsen!!, Topalov & Kramnik won!; Anand & koneru draw!; Negi & Harikrishna(?) lost

Corus Chess 2008 - Round 6

Calrsen, child prodigy, won his game on Judit, the strongest female player ever!
Calrsen is up with 2 pawns in the endgame with Polgar, with a Bishop & Horse!
Excellent tactics by Calrsen!

Here is the game

Kramnik won! on Aronian
Topalov! won on Leko, with Black!
Great end game by both!

Anand's & Ivanchuk had a quick draw (25 moves).
So are Radjabov & Adams (18 moves).
And, so are Van Wely & Gelfand (shortest game with 16 moves).

Harikrishna (with White) & Negi went down to their opponents

Humpy Koneru held Cheparinov to draw with Black peices!

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