Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Good Chess Lessons

Good chess lessons - Corus chess 2008, Round 9

Chess Lesson 1:

Denying the King Castling of the opponent (even if by sacrificing the Material, or even if Queen) to get a very very strong attacking on Enemy King => Opponent is in severe pressure => You are winning! (even if the opponent is World Number 1!)

Mr. Topalov, The ultimate entertainer along with Anand

Here is the game!

Chess Lesson 2:

Winning material is not the ultimate goal!, Checkmate is! 

The game between Grivas & Li illustrates this lesson. Li won the game. 

Opponent was grabbing all the stuff, Li was creating the mating net!

Check the end game, last 10 steps. 

Here is the game!

Chess Lesson 3:

Pinning the peices to King, will immobilize the development => you are losing the game! 

Cheparinov pinned the opponent's Knight & pawn to King, making them not to move at all! 

Opponent can't move peices, if he does, he looses the peices and the game. Opponent resigned! Cheparinov won!

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