Saturday, February 16, 2008

25th Linares-Morelia 2008 chess - Round 1 results

The 25th Linares-Morelia 2008 chess tournament

Round 1 results!

Shirov - Anand 0-1
Anand won!!!
Shirov (?) with no real plan to execute, went into great time trouble, and got mated by Anand!!!

Carlsen - Ivanchuk ½-½
It was no agressive game, ended in a draw. White looked like a bit in advantage.

Leko - Radjabov 1-0
Radjabov mistook Leko's "trap-pawn", and had severe beating in the game, and lost the game.
Leko won!

Topalov - Aronian 1-0
Topalov is Topalov!
Last time he lost to Aronian, but this time he took it back!
Topalov's novelty eventually pushed Aronian into time trouble (just 10 mins for 20 moves???).
Topalov won!

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