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Corus Chess 2008 - Round 8 continuation - Short won!

Corus Chess 2008 - Round 8 continuation

Yesterday, Game  between Short & Cheparinov was completed in 1 move each. This was due to Cheparinov not giving handshake to Short for 2 times. After losing the game, Cheparinov sited earlier reasons on what Short commented.

Today, due to clear rules, the game continued on a rest-day.

At 43 step, Cheparinov gave up his Rook for Short's Bishop, just after that, after the exchange of Queens, the end game looked as Short better, as his Rook dominates Cheparinov's Knight. Otherwise equal with 2 pawns & a black-square Bishop each.

Good play by Short, removed one pawn each of the board, then forced oppnent's King to the side off the board, pinned the Bishop to King with his Rook.

After all the peices are traded each left with a pawn, Cheparinov resigned, as his King can be driven away, and Short can win by Queening his pawn after taking off opponent's pawn!

Here is the game:

(Good to notice that, according to Short, both shook hands before & after this game!)

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Corus Chess round 8 - Anand Vs Topalov - Possible continuation of game

Corus chess tournament 2008, in Round 8, As we know Anand won on Topalov

(Game is given, in the "earlier post", you may see it below this post).

We are not Anand/Topalov, so what would have happened if it was continued?

Here is a possible continuation (along with full game):

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Corus Chess round 8 - Anand! won on Topalov

Anand! won on Topalov. As expected Anand is climbing up, with successive wins.

In the last game, Anand won against Judit Polgar.

With the new win, Anand is just 1 point behind the leader of Group A Carlsen, and 1/2 point behind Kramnik & Aronian.

Here is the Anand's game!

Other Group A games ended in draws (?)

Harikrishna could only settle for draw with White against L'Ami, although a pawn ahead.

Koneru Humpy had a long fight with Black against Bacrot.
This is really cool game, Bacrot wants to win on Koneru Humpy, and both were moving only kings, away and near, repeatatively.
According to a chess software, I think, this was a rule about the distance between both Kings, i.e; the number of squares, to make a draw.
Also here the problem is Black King can't go too far, or the white may sacrifice a pawn and win.
Very long game with 123 moves, and Koneru Humpy with Black peices could draw!

Here is the game!

Negi! won on Peng, impressive progress by Negi, steadily climbing to the top.

Here is the game!

Leader of C group, Caruana got a nice win against Braun & maintains the lead in round 8 too!
After good Queen exchange, that was really a good placement of Rook by Caruana, in the endgame, which won a peice and game!

Here is the game!

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