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17th Amber Blindfold and Rapid Chess Tournament, Round 5 & 6 games updated in the previous posts!!

Round 4 & Round 5 Analysis & Games are updated!!! (below/ previous posts!!!)

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Round 5:

Round 4:

17th Amber Blindfold and Rapid Chess Tournament, Round 5, Vishy Anand lost & then bounced back!!!

17th Amber Blindfold and Rapid Chess Tournament
Each round has 2 games
Blindfold game (say, BG) - a normal game
Rapid game (say, RG) - a fast game, moves are to be played faster than in normal game

Round 5

Topalov-Kramnik 1/2-1/2 
Kramnik-Topalov 1-0 

Leko-Mamedyarov 1-0 
Mamedyarov-Leko 1/2-1/2 

Morozevich-Anand 1-0 
Anand-Morozevich 1-0 

Carlsen-Gelfand 1-0 
Gelfand-Carlsen 1/2-1/2 

Ivanchuk-Aronian 1/2-1/2 
Aronian-Ivanchuk 1-0 

Van Wely-Karjakin 1/2-1/2 
Karjakin-Van Wely 1-0
With a timely sacrifice of Queen, Kramnik has gained a furious attack against Topalov.
This game doesn't need explanation, Kramnik had played such wonderfully!!!!!

Here is the game!!

Leko had played solid again...!!! this time against Mamedyarov!
Mamedyarov attack dint succeed, and Leko attack furious enough to make Mamedyarov give up, Leko won!

Here is the game!!

Same old story with Anand, nothing is learnt from previous game, guess he should read this blog (can we say this?, ofcourse not, castling is imp. he knows it, only there will be a time, when we try to "experiment")
Same no castling, so immediate loss to Anand (?????)
Moro have analysed how Anand can easily give away his game, if he denies his castling!
Also, great "pinning" (nothing can move) strategy employed on Anand's uncastled (unsafe) King!
Moro easily... won!!! in just 29 moves!
(By the way, the "experiment" word used above is quoted, as this is best tournament to "experiment"
why so? Simple, this tournament is said to not gaining/losing rating points, in simple, it doesn't matter what outcome of the games are, as FIDE ( doesnt rate these games at all, due to its rules, so no rating points gained/lost, no ranking gained/lost, so "experiment" is perfect time! however the lesser opponents "gain" confidence)

Here is the game!!

Yes, in Rapid round however!
Anand exchanged the Queens! (which means 70% castling is not the main problem)
Moro attacked, with too many Pieces that are not backed up! and paid the price by giving full Knight.
Now, with full Knight down, playing against Anand is almost impossible, winning we can forget!
By move 35, Moro had a almost trapped Knight which doesn't have a good place to go, a Knight down, and Anand had 2 passed pawns up.
Enough problems, Moro gave up, Anand won!

Here is the game!!

Queen exchange gave a pinned Bishop to Galfand, Carlsen cashed it!
Carlsen had a passed pawn (that cant be stopped by opponent's pawn) which can easily become a Queen!!
To release pinned Bishop, Galfand has to give up a full Rook, for nothing.
Also Gelfand had his King stuck in the 8 rank
Looked like, all the problems started with giving away of B file to Carlsen's Rook!
All these, Gelfand had enough problems to resign. Carlsen won!!!

Here is the game!!

Looked like, over enthusiastic play from Ivanchuk, move 38, Queen to g3, allowing Aronian's pawn on A file.
Pretty easy win for Aronian!

Here is the game!!

At first look, it looked as if Karjakin played extraordinarily, but in actual Van Wely played very very bad (???)
After Karjakin sacrificied his Knight, looked like, Van Wely shud have been a little cool, as later
Van Wely King is denied of Castling which also trapped his Rook! and King is so openly exposed and it was more than obvious that a deadly attack would follow
Also, 20th move, pawn to a5, instead of h pawn takes g pawn, or something better could have been some active play? unsure though!
Though Van Wely was up by a Knight, he could do anything, as his peices lacked coordination (no, not at all developed, or shud we say not at all moved???), and he gave up, Karjakin won!

Here is the game!!

All Games: 
Official Report:

Ataturk Women Masters Chess, Yifan Hou winner!!! Cramling Pia runner!!

Ataturk Women Masters Chess, has concluded!

Yifan Hou has won the tournament, and Cramling followed.

Here are the standings after Round 9!
Rank Title Name Rating Country Points
1 WGM Yifan Hou 2527 CHN 7
2 GM Cramling Pia 2524 SWE 6
3 WGM Xue Zhao 2517 CHN 5½
4 IM Atalik Ekaterina 2408 TUR 5
5 IM Javakhishvili Lela 2470 GEO 4½
6 GM Chen Zhu 2548 QAT 4
7 IM Dronavalli Harika 2455 IND 4
8 IM Krush Irina 2473 USA 3½
9 IM Ushenina Anna 2484 UKR 3
10 WIM Yildiz Betul Cemre 2207 TUR 2½

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